Air Compressor Filters


Manufacturer of air compressor filters including separator oil, compressor oil, and replacements for many in-line air line filters.


Supplier of compressor & separator oil filters, air filters and lube filters. Also has available many types of compressor lubricants.


A Flair/Dollinger company specializing in the manufacturing of air compressor filters; including separator oil, compressor oil, and air filters.

Technolab Filters

Gas Filters

zander air filter


Leading international manufacturer of compressed air and gas purification filters and equipment.

Norman Filters


Norman Ultraporous Filters to 15,000 psi are available from stock in a variety of sizes, materials, psi ratings, proof and burst pressure capacities and portings. We offer in-line, tee-type, replacement lube and disc filters, with a complete range of optional accessories.