Engineered Filtration Systems

Whether your needs require a single filter vessel or a 3,000 gpm or greater process system, we can help design and build to your requirements. Review the following for examples of our capabilities.

450 gpm Filter/Clarifier

5,000 gal. Acid Tank

5,000 gal. Acid Tank

350 gpm Demineralizers

350 gpm Demineralizers

Pressure Filters

We provide both horizontal and vertical pressure filters. Whether to design around horizontal or vertical filters is dictated by the particular needs of the end user.

Other Potable Filter Systems

Horizontal Pressure Filter

200-1,000 gpm Cooling Tower Filter System Chemical Plant

Cooling Tower Filter System

Multi-Media Filters

Multi Media Filters

1,000 gpm Cooling Tower Filter System Chemical Plant

1000 gpm Chem Plant

Demineralizer-Refinery Boiler Feed

Demineralizer Refinery Boiler Feed

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System-Boiler Feed - Chemical Plant

Double Pass reverse Osmosis System

Sand Filter System

Sand Filter System

Water Softener & 10,000 gallon Brine Storage - Chemical Plant

Water Softener