Water Filter Cartridges

Ametek Filtration Products

Filtration for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Applications. Includes spun, carbon, pleated cartridges in various micron ratings as well as housings.

Ametek filtration products


A complete line of cartridge filters, including Poly-Pleat cartridges for Cyst-Free Drinking Water. Poly-Pleat cartridges meet or exceed the three-log (99.99%) removal requirements described in National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 53 for cyst sized particles.

Harmsco Filters and Housings

Puremark Food Service Filtration

PFS-Puremark provides the foodservice industry with products that will accommodate all water filtration needs. The systems, cartridges, and components are certified by the NSF. The patented PFS adapter retrofits all of Everpure's blue, black and gray heads with a higher performing NSF certified cartridge.

Puremark Food Service Filtration

PTI Technologies - Microfiltration

PTI's microfiltration products set new standards for filtrate quality and product reliability. They are used in applications where filtration performance from 0.05 to 40 micron is needed. They are designed for exacting specifications for such characteristics as flow rates, thermal tolerance, dirt-holding capacity and chemical compatibility.

PTI Microfiltration