Water Conditioning & Treatment Equipment

Commercial Water Softeners

Sparkling Clear Industries commercial softeners offer customers an efficient and economical method for removing feedwater hardness. Fiberglass vessels provide maximum corrosion-resistance and have a five-year warranty. Motor driven brass control valves are easily programmed. Polyethylene brine tanks, complete with support bed, are durable and corrosion resistant.

Water conditioning control

Multimedia & Sand Filters

Our multimedia filters offer customers an efficient and economical method for reducing suspended matter down to 10 microns in size on various feedwater sources.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are used for the removal of chlorine and organics from feedwater sources. Often used for pre-treatment for other filtration systems, they are also utilized for "polishing" water, after other treatment systems.

carbon filter

Iron Filters

Various medias are used for iron removal from water; including: greensand, Pyrolox, Birm and KDF.

Various options and configurations are available in all of these products. Please contact us with your application, we will respond quickly with pricing and availability.