Tonka Water Treatment Systems

Pressure Filters

We provide both horizontal and vertical pressure filters. Whether to design around horizontal or vertical filters is dictated by the particular needs of the end user.

Horizontal pressure filters are generally more compact than vertical filters, as verticals are restricted in size to 12' diameter or less - the higher the flow, the more individual vertical pressure filters you will require. Horizontals, on the other hand, can be up to 10'diameter and upwards of 40' long, allowing for much more filter surface area in a smaller footprint. Horizontals can also be divided into several cells, allowing for an in-service backwash, eliminating the need for separate backwash pumps.

Due to the nature of horizontal filters, i.e., shared cell walls and piping, the cost of horizontal filters is generally less than vertical filters.
By using horizontal filters with isolated cells, one filter can be taken out of service for maintenance or repair without affecting the other filters, a major advantage over vertical filters.

   Isolated Cell Horizontal Pressure Filter
Operating Specifications: Options:
Pressure: 75 - 100 psig

Water Temperature: 100° F Maximum

Electrical Rating: 115 VA, 1pH, 60 Hz

Skid Mounted, Pre-piped, pre-wired

  • Isolated Cells for Continuous Unit Operation 
  • End Piped or Side Piped 
  • ASME Code Pressure Vessels 
  • Tank skid w/optional saddles 
  • Header-lateral or False Bottom Underdrain Systems 
  • Integrated air-wash

Simul-WashT System


  • 20 years of successful experience. 
  • Conserves washwater - produces 30% to 50% less backwash volume than other systems. 
  • Retains media within filter cell - ask about media loss guarantees. 
  • Low profile - easily fits into most gravity filters without affecting plant hydraulics. 
  • Used with any manufactured or installed underdrain - existing or new. 
  • True overflow collection design - solids travel in natural upward direction. 
  • Removes floatables from filter - no protruding baffles blocking surface travel. 
  • Prevents mudball formation - collapse pulse action scours and pulverizes mudballs before they have a chance to grow by agglomeration.


Simul-WashT is a proven sustained, simultaneous air/water filter backwash system that extends the useful life of filter media, minimizes backwash waste, prevents mudballs from forming and frees nearly all captured filter debris - better than any other backwash method available.

Simul-WashT employs a specially designed baffled backwash trough with a unique quiescent zone for optimum media retention during air/water backwash. Each filter control console is programed to ensure that collapse-pulse action occurs during the Simul-WashT phase of backwash, making maximum use of low air and water rates.


  • Surface Water Filtration
  • Groundwater Filtration
  • Retrofit/Filter Upgrades to Existing Installations
  • New Concrete Filter Construction
  • Tertiary/Wastewater Filtration
  • Gravity or Pressure Steel Filter Construction
  • Package Plants

Gravity Filters

  • CentralatorT Center Control Column Filter
  • Rectangular or Circle Style
  • Steel or Concrete Fabrication
Gravity Filter

Ion Exchange Equipment

  • Cation Exchange: Softening, Radium Removal
  • Anion Exchange: Nitrate, Sulfate and Organics Removal
  • Other Specialized Applications.
Ion Exchange

Clarification Equipment

  • Conventional Solids Contact Clarifiers
  • Heli-Cone T Helical Up-Flow Solids Contact Clarifiers
Clarification Equipment

Packaged Treatment Equipment

  • DualatorT Series Providing Aeration, Detention and Filtration for Groundwater Treatment
  • UTS (Unitized Treatment System) Providing Flocculation, Clarification and Filtration for Surface Water Treatment
  • Clari-FiltT  Pressurized Clarification and Filtration
Packaged Treatment Equipment.

Membrane Equipment

  • Full Spectrum of Membranes - MF, UF, NF, and RO
  • Total systems Utilizing Conventional Equipment for Pre- and Post-Membrane Treatment
Membrane Equipment

Refurbishment and Renovation

  • Renovation of Any Plant Regardless of Equipment Type or Manufacturer
  • Retrofit with Simul-WashT Backwash System
  • Upgrade to Best Available Technology
  • Replacement Parts and Media

Aerators - Air Strippers - Scrubbers

  • Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Radon Gas Strippers
  • Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOC) Removal
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubbers
  • Groundwater Aeration

If you would like more information about these and other Tonka water treatment systems, visit their Web site.