Chemical Feed / Metering Pumps

Sparkling Clear Industries (SCI) has successfully provided our customers with the most complete line of quality chemical feed equipment available anywhere. Control systems, mixers, tanks, analyzers and other accessories are readily available to solve your most complex problems.

Liquid Metronics (LMI)

LMI manufactures the most advanced line of electromagnetic and motor driven diaphragm type metering pumps, as well as digital pump controllers and remote programmable flow meter-pulsers

Liquid Metronics


Pulsafeeder manufactures a complete line of diaphragm, electronic peristaltic and piston chemical feed pumps under the Pulsatron, Chemtech and Meco-o-matic brands. They also offer microprocessor based controllers and monitors.



Neptune manufactures industrial quality diaphragm metering pumps, packaged chemical feed systems, by-pass feeders and polymer blending systems.

Neptune Systems

Blue White

The Blue White line offers a competitively priced line of injectors and metering pumps, as well as peristaltic injector pumps. They are an industry leader in flow meters, flow controllers and accessories.

Blue White