Allen Filters

An Allen Filters Inc. Large Capacity 2000 GPH Vacuum Dehydrator / Degasser

Supplied to an oil company in the Middle East.

Includes Pre- and Post Filtration, Refrigerated Condensing, Fully Automated PLC controlled operation.

large capacity allan filter

An Allen Filters Inc. Continuous Filtration Unit

continuous filtration unit

An Allen Filters Inc. Hydroscav Oil Purifier

Explosion Proof Model

explosion proof model

An Allen Filters, Inc. Hydroscav Oil Purifier

hydroscav oil purifier

A typical Allen Filters Inc. Oil Conditioner

Featuring Refrigerated Condensing, Pre- and Post Filtration, Fully Automatic, PLC controlled Operation. Delivered to a major oil company in the United Arab Emirates

oil conditioner

An Allen Filters Inc. Portable Dehydration / Filtration Unit

Featuring the Allen HygroSorb filter elements. Manufactured for a major Utility in the USA for transformer oil purification.

portable dehydration / filter unit

An Allen Filters, Inc. Coalescer / Separator / Filtration System

For removing water from Diesel Fuel supplied to a major Petrochemical Plant in China.

coalescer separation filtration system

A small-footprint Allen Filters, Inc. Oil Conditioner

Built for an Off-shore Oil Production Platform for a major US Oil Company

Explosion Proof Model, 150 gph Capacity

small footprint allen filter

An Allen Filters, Inc. Portable Filtration System

portable filtration system

An Allen Filters, Inc. Bulk Clay Filter System

Designed for a US Military Installation.

Outfitted with an automatic hydraulic dumping system.

bulk clay filter system

An Allen HydroScav

Model HS 200 - EPRX1

allen hydroscav

An Allen Filters System

Designed for filtering mixed grades of auto engine crankcase lube oil down to 1.0 micron

allen filtration system