Benefits of Water Softening

At Sparkling Clear, we provide several types of water softening devices for plants and other businesses to rent or buy. But why should companies use water softening? What benefits does soft water provide? We’ll explain why water softening is a great idea for many businesses in many industries, from manufacturing to restaurants.

Water softeners change the makeup of water through a process called ion exchange. This trades the materials in the water for something else – usually sodium. While this provides many benefits for residential users, such as softer hair and better laundry, there are a number of good outcomes for companies as well.

For processes such as manufacturing that require water to be run through machinery, softened water is not as hard on equipment and can significantly extend the life of parts that it comes in contact with. For equipment that sees heavy use, this can make a huge difference in the cost of replacing parts or entire machines, plus repairs.

Depending on the business, companies can also save costs on upkeep for linens, appliances, and cleaning processes, as softened water allows cleaning materials such as detergents to act more effectively with less water.

Some examples of industries that can see big benefits from water softeners include:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Car washes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Apartments
  • Office buildings

While a water softener is an investment, the return of benefits is considerable. Over just a few short years, the machinery can save a company enough to pay for itself.