3 Ways Your Entire Household Can Benefit From a Water Filter System

What’s in that water you’re drinking? The startling truth is, without drinking from a water filter system, you’re consuming harmful chemicals, nuclear material and even possible allergens. The human body is made up of about 60 percent water, so shouldn’t you drink the best possible water you can? Here are three reasons to switch to a water filter system–and achieve a greater overall health.

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A Water Filter System Will Improve Overall Health

You drink water to stay hydrated. You cook with water. Your family depends on it for their various daily needs.  So, why give your loved ones anything other than pure, filtered water their body requires to thrive? A study by The New York Times found that tap water contributes to tooth enamel erosion, skin burns, and rashes. Enhance your overall health by using an easy one-stop water filter system for your Houston home, and improve the health of you and your loved ones, sip by sip!

A Water Filter System Will Support Your Family’s Lifestyle and Environmental Goals

Drinking filtered, clean water offers a defensive strategy against against 2,000 known chemicals that may be present in tap water, as well as removing the risk of developing gastrointestinal disease that can come from drinking tap water.

Did you know that plastic water bottles can take up to 1,000 years to decompose? If you’re like the average American who uses 167 bottles of water a year (but only recycles 38 on average), give back to Mother Nature, and do your part to feel great with clean, chemical-free water! At Sparkling Clear, we are devoted to providing each customer with superior customer service, and a comprehensive, one-stop, no-fuss water filter system everyone can benefit from. 

A Water Filter System Will Cut Costs on Your Grocery Bill

Since 2011, the bottled water industry makes $11 billion annually on consumers just like you—who care about their health and quality of the water they drink. Even during economic downturns, Americans are still spending over $1.20 per bottle of water. A water filter system enables you to enjoy tap water, purified, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars per year. What would you do with that money you save? Take a weekend getaway with your spouse? Afford some nice dinners out? Pay off some debt?  Investing in a water filter system is the gift that keeps on giving—and the benefits go on and on.

Contact a water filter specialist today at (713) 956-8900 and improve your energy, increase your health and enhance your quality of life with a filtered water system that will support the lifestyle and overall health of you, and your loved ones.