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How Often Should Compressed Air Filters be Changed?

Unfiltered compressed air filters can leave you susceptible to breathing in any
contaminants that float in the air like dust, oil, and rust. Unfortunately, the cost it takes to run
your air filter doesn’t change whether the filter is functioning correctly or not. This is why it is
important to recognize when it is time to invest in a compressed air filter replacement. You don’t
want to waste valuable dollars running an air filter system that doesn’t keep the air in its best
condition.  Continue reading

Air Filter Systems

Our dust collection cartridges are the best in the industry. Offering a multitude of products and trusted brand names, Sparkling Clear Industries can get you exactly what you need when it comes to air filter systems. In addition to dust collector cartridges, we also offer dust collector sleeves/cages, compressed filters, and gas filtration devices. Some of the air filter brands we offer are: Continue reading

Quality Customer Service Compliment

At Sparkling Clear Industries, we provide the most customer-friendly, comprehensive, one-stop-shop filtration service available. Our company has been around for over 40 years, and we’ve been under our present ownership since 1985. Beyond our amazing line of products, customer satisfaction is and always has been our top priority. We even received a personal complement in customer excellence from the esteemed Dow Chemical Company, which is extremely important to us because it shows us that even a company as large and renowned as Dow Chemical Company truly supports our business. Continue reading