How Often Should Compressed Air Filters be Changed?

Unfiltered compressed air filters can leave you susceptible to breathing in any
contaminants that float in the air like dust, oil, and rust. Unfortunately, the cost it takes to run
your air filter doesn’t change whether the filter is functioning correctly or not. This is why it is
important to recognize when it is time to invest in a compressed air filter replacement. You don’t
want to waste valuable dollars running an air filter system that doesn’t keep the air in its best

Work Environment Effects the State of Your Compressed Air Filter

Different work environments have different compressed air filter life spans. This is due to
the fact that some environments are more taxing than others in regards to the operation of the
air filter. If you work in a factory setting in which you are surrounded by machines that are used
and maintained on a daily basis, your filter will have to be changed every one to two months. If,
however, you work in a setting in which messy or uncleanly operations are frequent, having your
compressed air filter system checked at least once every two weeks will be more beneficial.

Checking up on your air filter system will save you money and ensure that all who operate
within your business have fresh, clean air to breathe. Should you need an air filter replacement,
feel free to contact the experts here at Sparkling Clear in Houston. We’ll provide you with all the
tools you need for maintaining a safe and cleanly environment.