Sparkling Clear Industries Introduces New Product Lines

Sparkling Clear Industries, Inc. (SCI), with offices in Houston and Clute, has been awarded the distribution rights in Central/South Texas for the Fluid Engineering (FE) line of strainers as well as the TM Filtration line of Gas Coalescing Filters.  

FE strainers, which are used in many liquid applications to filter out coarse particles (>50 micron), can be supplied in many different configurations from a simple inline cone strainer to a custom engineered automatic self-cleaning strainer fabricated from exotic metals such as Hastelloy C276 or 2507 Super Duplex Stainless Steel (Zeron 100).  The Fluid Engineering automatic self-cleaning strainers have the most effective and efficient cleaning cycle of ANY strainer manufacturer in the industry.  With the exception of some of their cast components, all of their strainers are manufactured to their customer’s specifications in the United States.   This includes not only the strainers but the skids, control panels and any special requirements such as rubber lining or specialty coatings. Continue reading

New Team Member Joins Sparkling Clear Industries

Sparkling Clear Industries Team Grows

Russ Williams, Richard Johnson, Ed Wasser

Sparkling Clear Industries (SCI) is pleased to announce that Richard Johnson has joined our organization.  With over 40 years of experience in the design, sales, start-up, and service of water treating equipment and media, Richard is available to provide SCI customers with a comprehensive approach to their water treating needs.

While the majority of his career has centered on ion exchange resins, including both aqueous and nonaqueous applications, he has more recently been involved with iron, manganese, and arsenic removal equipment and media.  Please join us in welcoming Richard to the SCI team. Continue reading

Sparkling Clear Industries Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

The employees of Sparkling Clear Industries (SCI) recently gathered to celebrate 30 continuous years of service under the ownership of David and Annette Johnson.

Sparkling Clear Industries Staff

The Johnsons purchased the company in 1985, when it was a residential water softener exchange tank company. The company originally dates to the early 1960’s.  Sparkling Clear Industries has evolved into a full service commercial and industrial filtration company, providing liquid and air filtration products, various filtration medias, ceramic catalyst support media, pumps, and much more.  SCI is a turn-key service provider and works in many of the industrial plants along the coast.

Sparkling Clear Staff Celebration

Employees and customers tend to stay with SCI, and a number of them have been with the company since 1985.  An example of this longevity is Robert Salinas, who was with the company before it was purchased in 1985.  After 32 years, Robert has announced his retirement. Robert has filled many roles at SCI and has served as our purchasing manager for many years.  Robert will be sorely missed, but we wish him well as he migrates to a new chapter in his life.

The evening provided an opportunity to share stories and reminisce about the past. It also provided an opportunity to discuss the future and to look forward to the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  SCI currently has two offices—located in Houston, TX and Clute, TX.

Sparkling Clear Industries

We are very proud to be members of the community that have served industries throughout Southeast Texas for 30 years.

Benefits of Filtering Water at Plants

It’s no secret that filtered water provides numerous benefits for residential and commercial purposes. Many homes use some type of filter for cleaner drinking water and many businesses turn to filtered water to provide better tasting food, longer lasting appliances, and many other effects.

Manufacturing, refining, and other types of plant operations can also benefit from industrial filtered water. Depending on the nature of the work, filtered water can extend the life of machinery, increase productivity, and even yield better production results. For plants that employ water as a coolant, lubricant, or solution agent, the differences that filtered water makes can be drastic.

Plants that can benefit from filtered water include:

  • Biodiesel plants
  • Power plants
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Filtering plants

A wide range of processes can be expedited or improved by using water that’s more clean and safe. Filtration efforts are also highly customizable to fit the needs of any plant, regardless of its size. To learn how filtered water can benefit your specific industry, contact the experienced water filtration experts of Sparkling Clear.

Sparkling Clear Industries Delivers System to Chemical Plant

Among the recent projects at Sparkling Clear Industries, we delivered a Yardney Water Filtration System to a chemical plant located on the Gulf Coast of Texas. This system was installed on a cooling tower plant and consists of a 1,450 gallon per minute, multi-media system comprised of (3) 90 inch by 60 inch stainless steel filter vessels installed on a galvanized skid.

Other features included:

  • 304 stainless steel internal components
  • Carboline 4110 internal lining
  • PVC coated, rigid conduit
  • Monel instrument tags

The new Yardney system replaced the obsolete, gravity-fed system, essentially doubling its flux rate. With the help of a crane, the new system was lifted over the cooling towers and installation began the day after its onsite arrival.


Filter installation

Yardney systems are renowned for high quality filtration, and the company specializes in clean water solutions for irrigation and industrial applications across the globe. Sparkling Clear Industries is proud to offer Yardney products as part of our mission to provide customers with the most updated and efficient filtration technology. In addition to sand filtration, Yardney also produces top of the line systems in carbon filtration, centrifugal sand separators, both automatic and manual systems, and filtration systems that can be customized to fit any business’s needs.


This project is just one example of the upgrades, installations, and modifications that we offer to our clients. We take on even the most massive filtration jobs in industrial settings across Texas. If you’re interested in how we can make your company more efficient and modern, contact Sparkling Clear Industries today.

Water Filtration Systems Houston

At Sparkling Clear Industries, we like to consider ourselves as a one-stop shop for all of your industrial filter needs. We pride ourselves in stocking a vast warehouse that allows us to deliver to and focus on the industrial, manufacturing and commercial sectors. Along with being this dependable, single source for filtration media, we also offer custom industrial water treatment systems. Our customization allows us to cater to clients with a ‘Total Systems Approach’ that includes design, fabrication, installation, start up and service. One recent example of our custom industrial filter systems is from Yardney Water Filtration Systems, a company that we represent out of Riverside, California. Read below to find out how Sparkling Clear delivered. Continue reading

Chemical Feed Pumps Houston

At Sparkling Clear Industries, we understand how important it is to stay online and how inconvenient it is for a hiccup to cause a serious time crunch when it comes to equipment repairs. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to a vast warehouse, ready to rearm you with an impressive amount of parts. In the case of a pump problem, SCI stocks the best chemical feed pumps, and our stellar mobile repair service also allows you to return to business as usual. If it turns out that your pump can’t be fixed, we can also loan you one until a replacement can be delivered. Continue reading

Air Filter Systems

Our dust collection cartridges are the best in the industry. Offering a multitude of products and trusted brand names, Sparkling Clear Industries can get you exactly what you need when it comes to air filter systems. In addition to dust collector cartridges, we also offer dust collector sleeves/cages, compressed filters, and gas filtration devices. Some of the air filter brands we offer are: Continue reading